Online Bitcoin Casino Singapore

Fast payouts, easy to use sites, excellent customer support – these are just a few of the best services bitcoin casinos offer its prospective clients and existing customers.

Bitcoin casinos in Singapore have proven their authenticity and are gaining more and more customers because of the convenience they offer when it comes to deposit and withdrawal transactions. Deposits are credited almost immediately, allowing customers to play at the soonest possible time. They are also available on all gaming platforms – in desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

They have also proven themselves as a legitimate gaming business by acquiring necessary licenses, accreditation and certification from regulatory bodies.

What is Bitcoin

A bitcoin, also referred to as cryptocurrency, is a virtual currency. That means it has no physical presence like the Dollar or Euro, or any other currency for that matter.

A bitcoin symbolizes a computer file or transaction record stored on blocks. The bitcoin can be stored in a computer or mobile device using a digital wallet.

Bitcoins are not associated with any financial institution, corporation, or country. It is attractive for people who value their anonymity when conducting peer-to-peer transactions. Like any other currency, its value fluctuates from time to time.

Can it be used as any currency o cash? Yes, it could. People use bitcoins in exchange for goods, services, or real cash. Bitcoins abound and can be used in a lot of transactions, both online and offline.

With the rise of its popularity, online casinos also adopted the currency. There are now hundreds of bitcoin casinos online.

How Do Bitcoin Casinos Work

Bitcoin casinos have become more transparent as years pass. They have become more open about how their operations work by explaining systems used in their various games.

This is to emphasize that they are legitimate businesses alongside traditional casinos and online casinos. Transparency also proves their claim that they are fair with their dealings.

Larger bitcoin casino companies have developed their own gaming software. However, smaller ones still rely on third party game developers. This is customized with features unique to each site to make them standout.

Some online casinos only make use of bitcoin as the currency for all transactions, while others accept it alongside traditional currencies.

It is noteworthy to mention that more players now prefer using bitcoin in online casinos because it is more versatile. For one, bitcoin casinos do not charge any fees for bitcoin transactions or transfers, and the daily transactions are limitless.

The ease of money transactions in bitcoin casinos is a definite plus because players can play anytime, anywhere, and as long or as often as they want.

This is definitely advantageous to customers because online casinos that use traditional currencies charge fees for transaction. Banking institutions also have limits for daily money transfer transactions.

Players can deposit bitcoin using the site’s system. They should choose bitcoin as their mode of payment, enter the amount of deposit, open their bitcoin wallet, and receive the bitcoin key. The key should be entered in the payment field for confirmation.

How to Recognize Legit Bitcoin Casinos

Recognizing legitimate bitcoin casinos is done the same way as with online casinos. Always check for legitimacy by looking for their accreditation from recognized gambling authorities. They should be certified and licensed by these governing authorities.

Legit bitcoin casinos can also be recognized through a fairness test located at the bottom of their site. This fairness test is regularly checked by third party examiners to ensure the casino house edge is fair. This also ensures customers do not get exploited or scammed.

Website like ours have also conducted tests in order to find reliable bitcoin sites. The process is extensive and consists of several steps like the ones below:

SIGN UP: We sign up like regular customers. We evaluate how the sign-up process works, including the time it takes them to verify our information before we can finally deposit bitcoins to their site and allow us to play.

BANKING METHODS: We take note of the casino’s banking methods, deposit a certain amount of bitcoin, and wait to see how long it is processed. It is worthy to mention that most bitcoin sites we’ve tested credit deposits almost instantly! This provides an edge for players because they are able to immediately experience online casino gaming.

GAME DEVELOPERS: We take note of the site’s game providers. There are hundreds of sites that provide information on the best and most reputable online casino game developers. Make sure the site’s game providers are mentioned on these review sites.

CLAIMING BONUSES: We test how bonuses can be claimed. This is very important because we’ve found some bitcoin casinos with unrealistic conditions for withdrawing bonuses, like ridiculous amount of wager requirements. Keep away from these types. Make sure you read each site’s terms and conditions first before signing up.

GAME TESTING: We choose random games and play on the site. We play their free games.

We play with the games using various browsers and devices – from desktops, to Mac, to mobile devices with different operating systems (iOS and Android). We also take note how the games perform on these devices.

WITHDRAWALS: Processing withdrawal requests is very important. We take note of how fast they do this. Online casinos usually have 24-72 hours processing. In Bitcoin casinos, fast processing of payouts is important. Withdrawal requirements are also taken into consideration.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: This is the most important feature of any casino – whether traditional, online or bitcoin. Customer service is the face of the business – it can make or break a casino. It has to be very responsive and accessible.