Live Casino Singapore

Convenience and easy access are pushing the popularity of live online casinos! A player can play anytime and anywhere there is internet. Live casino gaming is open 24/7.

Playing online may not be as fun and exciting as playing with friends in traditional casinos, but the returns are better, higher, and at a lesser cost to the player who does not need to pay more for drinks, tips, etc.

Online casinos also provide anonymity to players who may not want to be known as a ‘gambler’, because admit it or not, the word connotes something negative.

History of Live Casino Gaming

The very first online casinos came to be in the 1990’s. Not long after, players wanted something more, so online casino owners came up with live casino gaming – merging the virtual world with live gaming.

The early live casinos only offered blackjack, nothing else. It was easier and cheaper to maintain back then. It only needed a room with a table and a dealer.

As the demand for live casinos grew, so did the games and technology. Sophisticated programs gave rise to more live games like poker, roulette, and dream catcher, to name a few. Live streaming was also offered, providing longer play time.

Who Can Play in a Live Casino?

Any Singaporean who is 18 years old and above is welcome to play in live casinos. An 18-year-old is already of legal age and allowed to sign up for an account.

Singaporeans and nationalities from other countries are welcome to play. You could encounter them when playing live games open to multiple players.

Live Casinos versus Online Casinos

Singapore casinos offer endless fun and money so people keep coming back to fulfill their need for adrenaline rush! Online gaming creates a diversion that drives away people’s boredom from a 9 to 5 job, or just plain boredom with life. It creates a different reality for them, away from the real world.

Online casinos fulfill this need by using advance gaming software, as well as webcams for live games. They also have e-cash systems in place for betting and payouts purposes.

So which would you rather play – online casino or live casino games?

Here are some points to consider:

1. Both online casino and live casino are accessible, convenient, and available 24/7.

2. Online casinos definitely offer hundreds of game choices as compared to live casinos that have very limited game options. Live games are currently limited to blackjack, poker, dream catcher and roulette.

3. Online casinos offer hundreds of games, but not all of them offer live casino gaming. Still, with the rising demand for it, online casinos that still do not offer live gaming are adapting the trend.

4. Human intervention is very much absent in online casinos. Players only interact with a computer program making it less interesting and less fun.

On the other hand, live casinos have human intervention as it involves a real person who works as the dealer. A player gets to see cards being shuffled by the dealer.

A player also gets to interact with other players. This is satisfying for those who would want to have human interaction when playing.

5. Payment options for online and live casinos are numerous and would usually include payments using credit cards, debit cards, bank deposits and transfers, and some other methods. Any of these methods are safe and secure when dealing with trustworthy sites.

How to Choose a Good Live Casino

Finding a valid and reliable live casino is not easy. The success rate of you finding a live casino that does not scam players of their money all depends on you.

You have to do your homework. Check out websites that offer reviews of live casinos. But don’t just rely on the reviews. Personally check the sites. Look for proof that it is a legal gaming entity like license details and registration, business information, etc. Look for news articles that talk about scam casinos. Make sure the casino you’re targeting is not mentioned.

Live casinos also offer welcome bonuses to new players. The bonuses can be used to play while you test the games as to rules, winning odds, etc.

Some sites also offer free plays. This is a great way to test the waters before you invest real money.

The live casino gaming in Singapore are very interactive because they are equipped with the latest software and gaming technology. The sites are also easy to navigate, and offers amazing graphics.

Lastly, check out the jackpots offered by the sites. After all, you are playing to win big!